✓ Enhanced cabin sanitation.

o Thorough cabin cleaning daily and between trips whenever possible.

o Disinfectant applied every day.

o Drivers provided cleaning kits w/ disinfectant, PPE

✓ Masks required by all passengers when on bus.

✓ Guests who exhibit symptoms of illness will be prohibited from boarding vehicle.

✓ Guests must practice social distancing while waiting to board vehicles.

✓ Load from rear to front and unload from front to back to limit passenger contact.

✓ Driver is last person to board bus and first person to deboard.

✓ Lavatories closed for trips under two hours.

✓ Driver required to wear mask at all times and disposable gloves when handling luggage.

✓ Driver must wash hands / sanitize at every opportunity during shift.

✓ Staff members who exhibit symptoms of illness will be sent home immediately until deemed safe to return.

✓ Hand sanitizer available on all vehicles.

✓ Passengers required to practice social awareness as much as possible on board vehicles.

o Recommended one person per row and skip rows when possible.

o Client to determine maximum number of passengers per vehicle.

o No passengers permitted in front row behind the driver.

o Passengers must remain seated while bus is in transit.

✓ If advised by CDC or local contact tracing officials of an employee or guest who has tested positive for COVID-19 or who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 that bus and employee will be removed from service until undergoing testing and full disinfecting protocols and deemed safe to return.

✓ Where possible, clear plastic barriers installed behind driver area.

✓ Staff temperature monitored daily.

✓ Limited food and beverages permitted on board.